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According to, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is rated as the nation’s hottest housing market. states that there are approximately 370 builders with more than 850 new communities across Dallas and Fort Worth combined.  That gives buyers lots to choose from but it can make it difficult for an individual seller to compete with builders who showcase modern floor plans and upgraded amenities in brand new homes.  To contend, you must turn your “previously loved” home into a show-ready property.  

This can be achieved through home staging, however, this is not necessarily a “do it yourself” project.  As home owners, we develop emotional attachments to our homes, décor and personal belongings, but the goal of staging is for the home to stop representing you and start speaking to potential buyers.  Therefore, having an objective home stager is the best solution to achieving a clutter-free, neutrally decorated space that is appealing to buyers and allows them to visualize the property as their future home.   

Additionally, staged homes show better in photographs, which is important since approximately 90% of buyers start their home searches online.  

Home staging can be achieved without a huge investment and often times, your current furniture and décor can be utilized to assist with staging goals.  The median cost spent to stage a home is $675.  This is well worth the investment considering statistics published in a January 2015 survey indicate that realtors for buyers reported that staging has numerous positive impacts, including:

  • 81% said staging helped buyers visualize the property as their future home;
  • 46% said it made buyers more willing to walk through a home they viewed online; and,
  • 45% said that a home staged and decorated had a positive impact to the home’s value, while 10% said a home decorated against a buyer’s tastes negatively impacted the home’s value.  

Remember, the goal of home staging is to make your home speak to buyers in a compelling and positive way and to highlight the features of the home.  At Lifestyle Concierge, we can assist with your home staging needs by providing a neutral and objective viewpoint to create a space that welcomes buyers and encourages them to envision your property as their future home.

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Create a Life that Works

How are you living? Unlike the typical “How are you doing,” this question evokes feelings and responses that bring to mind our purpose, goals, and dreams. Sadly, most of us would agree that while we are busy, we are not balanced and though we may be prospering at work, we aren’t pleased with the quality of our lives.

AvisNikki-LifestyleConciergeAvis LaFrance and Nikki Calton of Lifestyle Concierge understand that dilemma all too well. Both women enjoyed successful careers in corporate environment and spent many years adding value to their companies and communities. However, a desire to build a company that would add value to people’s lives brought them together. Lifestyle Concierge seeks to bridge the gap between professional achievement and personal fulfillment by teaching their clients how to achieve balance and “live well”.

So, how are you living? We invite you to test your lifestyle against our Four Pillars of Living Well.

  1. Are you doing the work to create the life you want? Your life should be a reflection of your vision, values, and goals. Consider this. If someone was assigned the task of discovering what you value by simply observing your actions this week, would that observation align with your vision and goals for your life? If you value, health would they see you eating right? If you value family, would your calendar reflect?
  2. Are you investing in you? When was the last time you invested in your personal development? Most of us understand that advancement in our professional lives requires a commitment to professional development, coaching, and training. We even understand that changes in our physical body may require the assistance of a personal trainer or dietician. However, we fail to realize that changing our lifestyles may also require external support. Going to the next level professionally is easier when you have created an environment and lifestyle to support the transition. Doing the work personally will expedite the transition professionally, but most of us need help to do so.
  3. Are you organized? Professional advancement means increased responsibilities. Consequently, if you are having a hard time getting out in the morning, finding your keys, and making appointments on time, imagine how difficult it will be when you reach the next level. Organization is essential to your ability to juggle the many responsibilities and opportunities that are awaiting you. That is why Lifestyle Concierge helps its clients organize everything from their closets to calendars to meal plans.
  4. Are you balanced? Are you busy or productive? Balance enables you to experience productivity, peace, and pleasure – all of which are essential elements to achieving well-being. It is possible to live life without truly experiencing it. Are you present in the moment or does your mind automatically switch to what’s next? The team at Lifestyle Concierge believes that life should be a magnificent dance not a mad dash to the finish line. Our goal is to help our clients achieve life-work balance because we believe that living well will result in professional prosperity.

Consider how you are living. If you aren’t where you want to be, make your personal development a priority. After all, the only life worth living is a life that is lived well.

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