Lifestyle Concierge Story
08 Oct 2014

Lifestyle Concierge Story

“I was called to do this… this is my purpose for being here.”
– Avis Lafrance

08 Oct 2014

Our Story:

Jennifer, my first client, wanted help selecting clothes for a job interview. More than her wardrobe was updated, she walked with confidence! She claimed her personal style, which in turn reframed her attitude, enhancing every relationship in her life. Her husband marveled at the transformation, he said, “I don’t know what you did, but I have a new wife!” I had heard my calling…

I am experiencing unspeakable joy as I continue to pursue and fulfill my purpose. I have story after story like Jennifer’s. The gratification that I receive from empowering people to create the life they desire and deserve inspired me to expand LaFrance Image Consulting. I have been helping clients like Jennifer with their style for years. “Lifestyle Concierge” was created to provide a holistic approach to enhance the overall well-being of our clients.


Lifestyle Concierge’s mission is to inspire and empower busy professionals to bring order to their style, home and lifestyle. We enhance the well-being of our clients by providing practical solutions to assist them in transforming their limitations into efficiencies. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We empower people to take their lives back, which results in less stress, more time, and more order.

Our Motto:

Our motto at Lifestyle Concierge is to design ‘A Life Well Lived’. A life well lived is a life where one cultivates the right state of mind so they can experience freedom, wholeness, fulfillment and health…regardless of what life brings. Living well does not come naturally, it takes work.

At Lifestyle concierge we show you how to:
Do the work, Get organized, Invest well, and Achieve balance!

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